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Finding local resources when your grandchildren are in need.

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Local resources for grandparents and kinship caregivers will obviously vary from state to state, county to county, and community to community. The following list is merely a list of suggestions of where you may begin to look for the services you may need. Remember; don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help or referrals. There is no reason for the children in your care to go hungry or without the things they need.

  • Social Services: Apply for government financial assistance and referrals to other community services. Ask about TANF: Temporary Assistance for Needing Families (specifically child-grant only), Food Stamps, Daycare, Subsidized Guardianship, Kinship Foster Care, and Rent Assistance.

  • Churches: Often local churches will provide assistance for individuals and children whether or not they are members of their congregation. Even when they do not, they often will know of other churches or agencies that can be helpful. Catholic Community Services provides specific help regardless of your religious affiliations.

  • United Way: United Way donates money to specific local agencies. They may be a good referral resource in finding the services you need.

  • Support Groups: There may be a support group for grandparents and kinship caregivers raising children in your area. If you cannot find a support group by searching through our Internet Resources page, check with your local Social Services or other organizations on this page to see if a support group is available in your area. If there is not one started, perhaps you can find someone who would be interested in starting one.

  • Food Banks: Many communities have a local food bank that provides nonperishable food items to needy families.

  • Public Schools: The schools can be an excellent resource to learn about available services. Not only does the school provide special educational and nutritional services to children, but also the school counselor or social worker can refer you to community agencies that may provide other needed services.

  • Health Department: The Health Department is a valuable resource to families. Not only can children receive immunizations, and often healthcare, but the WIC program (Women, Infants, and Children) provides formula and specific food items for children ages newborn through four years of age.

  • Area Agency on Aging: Some local Area Agencies on Aging will have services or referrals for older adults raising their grandchildren.

  • Community Mental Health Clinics: Community Mental Health Clinics are often based on ability to pay and can provide needed counseling for caregivers as well as children.

  • Pediatricians and Local Hospitals: Pediatricians and local hospitals will often know of the community resources that are available in your area.

  • Universities and Colleges: Local colleges may also have programs for grandparents and kinship caregivers. Low-cost counseling or support groups may be available.


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